Our Philosophy

Children's Odyssey provides a content rich environment in which children learn through their active participation in a variety of hands-on, multi-modal experiences and social opportunities. These fun and inviting activities allow children to reach across domains to develop new skills by building and expanding upon existing ones. Intentional and incidental teaching occurs in an appropriate mix of individual, small, and large group instructional and freeplay opportunities, both indoors and out, to reflect best practice. Teacher's knowledge, sensitivity, and responsiveness to children facilitates individual growth while fostering a sense of group belonging.


Our Mission

In collaboration with parents, staff, therapists, and community, Children’s Odyssey strives to provide high quality, structured programming for children of varied developmental levels. Creatively designed activities reflect our responsiveness to children’s individual learning styles, needs, and interests while providing an engaging environment for all. Our emphasis on the whole child is consistent with our strong desire to assist a child in reaching his potential.We teach with the understanding that diversity of culture, background, gender, and physical or cognitive ability is a strength to be celebrated and respected.